Trampoline Safety Guidelines

Trampoline Safety Guidelines Can Save Your Life There is no doubt in the minds of those that have suffered trampoline injuries that having clearly outlined trampoline safety guidelines could have prevented the injury. For this reason, many consumer agencies and public safety coordinators are starting to take a closer look at trampoline safety and have developed a concrete set of guidelines that any trampoline owner should find beneficial to their trampoline experience. In the end, nothing is more important than the safety and welfare of our family and friends. Generally, we know all about trampolines and the fun that can be had on a summer night with our children as we leap about. We also know about the exercise that can be gained by jumping around on our trampoline. Many of us, however, are not well informed when it comes to the possibility of injury on a trampoline and do not follow adequate safety guidelines when we are on our trampolines with family and friends. Common Injuries According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a trampoline is not safe for use at home, in gym class, or on playgrounds. The Academy clearly does not have a lot of faith in [...]

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Trampoline Parts

Need Trampoline Parts? Do You Need To Replace or A Replacement Part? Replacing parts for your trampoline is often something you don't think about until after something breaks. Do yourself and your family a favor: learn more about what parts make up your trampoline. Whether its a rebounder, or family sized, knowing how the various parts of your trampoline works will ensure safety for your family, and avoid costly repairs. If a trampoline part is giving you trouble and you don’t know if you should just invest in another trampoline, or is it better to replace the damaged trampoline part? Depending on the damaged part sometimes it is better just to get a new trampoline and at times just investing in a part will give you a brand new trampoline back.  The key is in knowing and identifying the difference. The first thing you should do is take an inventory of the parts that came with your trampoline. If you have saved the box and the various pieces of equipment that came with your original purchase, it might be that there were some extra or replacement parts included in the purchase. If there is nothing with the original purchase, or [...]

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Preventing Breakdowns: The Best Trampoline Covers For Winter

With winter fast approaching, you realize the jumping is going to have sit out a season. Then the thought hits you... There’s no way your trampoline will be able to withstand the harsh elements that come along with winter. You wonder if you’ll have to break the whole thing down, or if they make trampoline covers for winter? Will A Cover Protect Your Trampoline Outside In Winter Months? There’s two answers to this question, depending on the severity of your winters. Severe Winters: Experts recommend breaking down your mat, protective netting, pads, and springs for harsh winters. No one will be using the trampoline outside anyway. They say to leave the frame up without a cover, though a trampoline anchor kit is a good idea in areas prone to high winds. Moderate Winters: Why break your mat down when foul weather will turn fair again in a matter of days? Here’s where trampoline covers for winter come in real handy. Opt for a full cover, or take only the netting down and cover the mat. Use trampoline anchors for high wind storms. Some Trampoline Winter Maintenance May Be Necessary If you break down your mat, pads, netting, and springs, your trampoline shouldn’t [...]

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How To Anchor A Trampoline: Users Guide & Reviews

As seasons turn from fair to foul, dark clouds loom. With them comes that old North wind. Sweeping gusts over 30 mph are common in some regions, while others may see them only during severe weather. Wherever it is you live, when strong winds blow they can cause problems. One issue a homeowner or renter does not want to deal with is an airborne trampoline. Blown out sliding glass doors, major siding damage, and trampolines at the bottom of swimming pools all may occur without preventive action. Knowing how to anchor a trampoline properly becomes important once you realize the enormity of the damage they’re capable of. All a trampoline needs is a little help from the wind. Knowing How To Anchor A Trampoline & The Facts About Wind The question you might be asking yourself is, “do I really need to worry about my trampoline blowing away?” The answer in all honesty is perhaps not. Flying trampolines are much more likely to lift off on properties that aren’t protected from the wind. If you live in a high wind area, it’s a no-brainer. You need effective trampoline anchors. But for those who don’t live in such places, how necessary [...]

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Trampoline Tent and Trampoline Bed

When I was around 12 years old, my friend Jack had a trampoline in his backyard. We would jump on it for hours. We couldn’t separate from the trampoline. It was as if the trampoline was a part of our life. Jack asked his mom if we could use some blankets and sleep on it for the night. Sleeping on the trampoline bed was an awesome experience, but it was cold! Today, there is a new trend among trampoline owners: A trampoline tent and bed. It’s a tent designed to integrate with your trampoline. It’s now possible for you and your kids to have a camping experience straight from your backyard. Buying a tent for trampoline The good news is there are trampoline brands that make trampoline tents. Let’s take a look at a few that make it easy for you to get that trampoline clubhouse. 1- JumpSport BigTop Trampoline Tent If you own a round JumpSport trampoline, you have the option of adding this tent extension. The tent is meant for JumpSport trampolines that are over 12 feet in diameter. If your children love to camp outside but you don’t want them going into the woods then this is perfect for you. [...]

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How To Setup A Trampoline

Tips and tricks to help you setup a trampoline Whether you just purchased your new trampoline or you’re still narrowing down the search, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to assemble it. Setting up a trampoline takes patience. It can be tough if your kids are breathing down your neck anxiously waiting for their new toy. While we all want our kids to start trampolining as soon as it arrives, it’s crucial to take the extra time to ensure a proper setup. The extra time you take upfront will pay huge dividends down the road. You’ll have a safer trampoline that lasts longer. Recommended Tools Power drill Spring pulling device Rubber mallet Check Your Package First, you want to confirm that you received the correct number of packages. Trampolines are heavy and usually come in two or three large packages. After you confirm the number of packages, empty each package and make sure you have all the pieces. While we don’t see it with the Skywalker trampolines, a lot of other brands have had complaints of missing pieces. The smallest missing piece could be disastrous; contact the company if you suspect a missing piece. Spread Out The Pieces The goal is to get [...]

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Cool Trampoline Tricks

Everyone likes to impress their friends and trampoline tricks are a cool and fun way to show off your skills. Even as an adult I like to have a go on the trampoline sometimes and it reminds me of being a kid. Please make sure you use caution if you decide to try any of the tricks. Please note that we are not responsible for the actions you or your family takes on your trampoline. If you decide to try any of the tricks you are doing so at your risk. Tip for parents: If you’ve never heard of this trampoline trick and you’re concerned about your kid’s safety, it’s safe to assume they will figure this one out on their own. The risk of injury is significantly reduced if your trampoline has a safety enclosure, but pay attention as their knees or ankles may give out due to the extra force. Basic Trampoline Tricks Okay, you are officially bored of jumping on the trampoline, and you’re ready to spice it up a little bit with tricks to do on a trampoline. The Double Bounce This trick will require at least two jumpers on a backyard trampoline. Odds are that your kids [...]

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Safest Trampoline

One of the top concerns for prospective trampoline buyers is safety. And it’s more than wanting to find the safest trampoline brand. As parents, we care deeply about the safety of our kids and want to make sure that the act of trampolining is safe. Trampoline Safety Breakthrough It’s no surprise: The trampoline industry has been stagnant for a while. But that all changed about ten years ago with the breakthrough SpringFree trampoline company. A parent turned his frustration for unsafe trampolines into a passion. See Current Pricing & Discounts. Now, the SpringFree is the undisputed champion of, “safest trampoline 2015”. Check out the Youtube video below. It shows just how safe the SpringFree trampoline really is. Are Trampolines Safe? There isn’t a one-size fits all answer for this. Parents across the world have polarizing opinions on this topic. One the one hand, some parents believe it’s a great outdoor sport that keeps their kid active. While they acknowledge the risk, they believe it builds character. Their core belief is that there will always be dangers in life, and you can’t keep your kids in a bubble their whole life. On the other side of the coin, there are statistics that prove trampolining that leads to injury. With [...]

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How much do Trampoline Cost?

Many first time trampoline buyers are surprised to find out how expensive trampoline are. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. The same is true with trampolines; if you decide to go cheap you’ll probably end frustrated in a short amount of time. So, how much do trampolines cost? Approximate Trampoline Cost *continue reading to learn more about what affects the price* Approx prices based on a round trampoline: 10 foot: $250 12 foot: $350 14 foot: $450 16 foot: $550 Accessories In addition to the trampoline quality, the type of features included will also determine the cost. While it’s rare for today’s trampoline, some brands don’t include a safety enclosure net as part of the trampoline price. Also, some trampoline brands might include the following items: Games (i.e., basketball hoop) Ladder Cover Stakes Spring Cover Surrounding mat Don’t expect your trampoline to come with all of these parts. Make sure to read the packaging details to determine what parts will be sent after you order. Style & Size A trampolines price will also change according to the style and size. You should expect to pay more for the rectangular trampolines as they are designed for the gymnast. [...]

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Trampoline Size Guide

8 – 10 Foot Round Trampoline A round trampoline that is under 10 feet in diameter is perfect for someone with a smaller backyard area. If you decide to go with this trampoline size, then it’s important to understand some of the limitations. While our trampoline safety tips suggest limiting the number of jumpers to one, we know that rule will always get broken. That said, the eight to ten foot round trampolines are not meant to support more than one jumper. If you have one kid or have the discipline to enforce the one jumper rule, then this size trampoline will be a great addition to your backyard. Remember that owning a trampoline of any size beats not having one at all. Expect most trampolines in this size group to cost around $200 (depending on the brand). 12 Foot Round Trampoline Again, the first consideration will always be the size of your backyard. It’s a little bigger than the eight to ten footers but is still smaller than the bigger sized trampolines. Most people would call this a medium sized trampoline. If you decide to break the one jumper at a time rule, then only do so with smaller kids. For [...]

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