Rebounder Trampolines

One of the most exciting exercise workouts lately has been using mini trampolines for a great aerobic workout called "rebounding". So, is this just another fitness fad, or the start of something big? While its early yet, unlike other fitness routines, rebounders can be found within the ranks of teens to seniors. Given its wide age range, its great to see that you can get in shape and have fun doing it. We have all seen the advertisements on late night television. A room full of scantily clad young men and women exercising to hip hop music. Each one jumping up and down in synchronized unison with the others on their own tiny little trampoline. The exercise community calls this kind of trampoline a rebounder trampoline, a mini trampoline or just a rebounder for short. At first you might think those television advertisements are just flashy exercise gimmicks to take some of your hard earned cash and of course they are trying to sell you their rebounder trampoline along with some exercise program. But it may surprise you to know that the health and exercise benefits from using a rebounder trampoline are very real and the fun part is there [...]

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