Trampoline Parts

Need Trampoline Parts? Do You Need To Replace or A Replacement Part?

Replacing parts for your trampoline is often something you don’t think about until after something breaks. Do yourself and your family a favor: learn more about what parts make up your trampoline. Whether its a rebounder, or family sized, knowing how the various parts of your trampoline works will ensure safety for your family, and avoid costly repairs.

If a trampoline part is giving you trouble and you don’t know if you should just invest in another trampoline, or is it better to replace the damaged trampoline part? Depending on the damaged part sometimes it is better just to get a new trampoline and at times just investing in a part will give you a brand new trampoline back.  The key is in knowing and identifying the difference.

The first thing you should do is take an inventory of the parts that came with your trampoline. If you have saved the box and the various pieces of equipment that came with your original purchase, it might be that there were some extra or replacement parts included in the purchase. If there is nothing with the original purchase, or if you have thrown away the box, the first step is to find out the name and brand of the trampoline. To proceed with trampoline part replacement, you first need the exact name and brand – and a serial number. If you do not have the box or the instruction manual, the serial number or brand name can often be found on the trampoline itself.

When to Consider Replacing a Trampoline Part and When Not To

If you keep your trampoline exposed to sun for longer periods of time, you’ll find that you will need to replace parts of your trampoline.  Normal use and weathering will begin to take their toll on your trampoline.

Trampoline mats, for example, are made of polypropylene mesh, which is a strong woven fabric of tremendous endurance and elasticity. If you have a small hole in the mat (a small hole is less than one inch in diameter) you may try and repair it; there are many companies who offer service repairs, rebuild and hole patching. Sometimes, these companies will suggest you replace the whole mat instead of patching it for safety reasons.

Keep these guidelines in mind as a general rule of thumb: If your trampoline is older than 10 years you should consider replacing the entire piece of equipment when it shows signs of wearing out, or when it is torn from the edges, or has been repaired previously, or especially when the frame gives in or shows signs of serious damage.

The trampoline’s normal life is approximately seven to eight years; the life of the trampoline mat can be extended by using UV protective cover when not in use, as this will prevent the sun’s UV rays from deteriorating the mat stitches any sooner then they have to.

Trampoline part replacement should only be done at specialized stores where qualified personal will help you make the right decision, keeping your safety in mind. It is very important that you stop using your trampoline should you see that any trampoline part is severely damaged or deteriorating. Make everyone aware in the house that is likely to use the trampoline that it is not safe to use it until the damage is fixed.

Many people enjoy the fun of trampoline exercising and just plain having fun with family and friends, however, being careful and making sure it is safe to use the trampoline is what will make the fun remain fun, and not turn into a dangerous situation.

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